Set style attribute in ReactJS

The style attribute is set with a JS object. // set background image if backgroundImage is present var divStyle = null; if (this.state.backgroundImage) { divStyle = { 'background-image': 'url(' + this.state.backgroundImage »

Change command prompt in MacOSX

Add in ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile export PS1="MBP:\W \u$ " Variables you can use: \d – date \t – time \h – hostname \# – command number \u – username \W – current directory (e.g »


Definition: 肩胛骨 In anatomy, the scapula (plural scapulae or scapulas) or shoulder blade, is the bone that connects the humerus (upper arm bone) with the clavicle (collar bone). Source: A »

Website prototyping using ReactJS

Using 5 ReactJS components, I recreated the WePay website in about 2 days. ReactJS works well in a modular and nestable fashion. Looks like ReactJS is the primary weapon I »


One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something. Learnt this word from a book review about Peter Thiel. Here are four principles for founder: 1) Be humble and make incremental »